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as seen at the 2013 NFPA Conference & Expo

We will be in Chicago in 2013,  featuring our impulse powder systems and EXA, EXA-M condensed and IPEX  dispersed aerosol generators.  and

A new class of water additives for ground, helicopter and fixed wing application

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Wild land / Forest fires, and Oil Spill Remediation systems now available world-wide from your International Pyrogen distributor.


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17 March 2013

Problem Manufacturing Sdn Bhd. moves into new world headquarters

Hee Choi, President and CEO of Pyrogen Group, announced today the manufacturing arm of the company has moved. The move into the new location is now complete and he has also launched a new corporate web site After months of preparations and completion of a new IMO Marine Fire test facility the corporate offices have now relocated. IMO certification test are underway and should be completed shortly

New address:

Pyrogen Manufacturing Sdn Bhd

No.25, Jalan PJS 11/8,

Bandar Sunway, 4615

Petaling Jaya, Selangor,


Contact no : +603-5569 9988
Fax no        : +603-5569 6999

Pyrogen Response Team Hotline No :+6019-281 9661

an ISO 9001:2008 Company


June 28, 2011

Pyrogen Technologies Sdn Bhd is pleased to appoint Westerley Ltd in the UK as Pyrogen Stockist & Representative for Europe. With all Pyrogen inquiries for European countries, including Pyrogen EXA, EXA-M and IPEX fire suppression systems supply and Pyrogen System Designs & Quotations please contact Westerley UK at:  

Westerley LTD

First Floor 29

Eldon Business Park,

Eldon Road,

Attenborough NG9 6DZ



Contact person: Mr. Jamie Brice

Office: +44(0)115 9227 449


With any Pyrogen corporate or administrative inquiries please contact Mr. Chris Peh, Chief Operating Officer of Pyrogen Technologies Sdn Bhd at

With any  Pyrogen distribution, marketing, product approvals, system design or technical inquiries please contact Dr. Julia Berezovsky, General Manager of Pyrogen Technologies (AUST) Pty Ltd at

August 21, 2010

Pyrogen Announces a new distribitor in Brazil

Losung Niteroi Instrumentacao Industrial e Servicos Ltda..  Located in Niteroi , Rio de Janerio. Losung will design and service pyrogen systems through out Brazil and south america, for further information visit their web site  or contact

Luiz Ricardo Dinardi  Technical Manager   Lösung Niterói, Phone: +55 21 2610 4690 Nextel: +55 21 7865 6163, ID: 10*26776, Skype: lrdinardi


May 18, 2009 announces new GSA contract  GS-07F-0497T for their personal cooling vest.

Houston Texas. TexasCoolVest (TCV) has announced GSA schedule prices for all their cool vest. Under the agreement TexasCoolVest was added to the GSA web based shopping section as special pricing was offered to government buyers. This after many years of direct sales to the US Military and other government users, TCV has been ask to join GSA. For the past 8 years we have offered free shipping of our vest to individuals with APO/FPO addresses. TCV is a vetran owned small business, with approval to manufacture personal cooling garments using Mil Spec uniform fabrics.  Very popular with the troops deployed to Iraq and Afganastan TCV is proud to provide some relief from the heat. TCV also has announced a Cool Collar and Neck Band using their PCM technology  as an additional accessory. For more information vist


May 10, 2009

The 2009 NFPA Conference & Expo®  (formerly known as the World Safety Conference & Exposition®) will bring together professionals from the fire prevention and suppression, life safety, and electrical fields at McCormick Place, in Chicago, June 8-11.  NFPA’s continuously evolving, consensus-driven market share protecting codes and standards affect the design, construction and operation of every building and physical installation in the country. The annual NFPA Conference & Expo plays an essential role in developing these codes and standards. The product mix on the show floor reflects the full range of NFPA codes and standards. As fire codes share common elements with other aspects of premise safety, namely electrical and security, these are product disciplines where attendees are looking for solutions. Come visit FirePak Oil and Gas Industries and Pyrogen to learn the latest in approvals and applications of NFPA2010 Fire Aerosol Technology.

Our Booth #1428 will be manned
Monday, June 8:  3:30 pm – 7:30 pm  including the social and happy hour.
Tuesday, June 9: 11:00 am – 4:00 pm through lunch
Wednesday, June 10:  10:00 am – 2:00 pm

May 01, 2009

FirePak completes our 10th Offshore Technology Conference

Houston Texas:  Founded in 1969, the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is the world’s foremost event for the development of offshore resources in the fields of drilling, exploration, production, and environmental protection. Throughout its 40-year history, OTC has maintained its relevance to the offshore industry, and has initiated several programs to expand the scope and prestige of its coverage.  In 2004, OTC launched the Spotlight on New Technology program to recogning Pyrogen Aerosols as a truly innovative advancements in ocean resources fire safety development.


Nov 21, 2008

Hurricane Ike recovery leads to new offices

Firepak Oil and Gas Industries LLC, has moved into new offices. We are just a few blocks up the street, at 7011 Harwin Dr. Suite 290. The new offices are more spacious and have some better creature comforts, and the latest network equipment. We have completed the move and are still up and running full speed.  We have sent out the obligatory postal notifications to our customers and vendors. The phones are the same as before, nothing has changed except of you come to visit we are down by the light at Harwin and Savoy.




Sept. 15, 2008


Hurricane Ike damages Firepack's headquarters.

Our headquarters was severely damaged by IKE. All the staff and their homes are OK, but the wind blew a corner of the highrise roof up causing a huge leak. The water flooded the basement and the overpressure blew out the exterior glass windows. The water damage looks like the building is going to be condemned.  We are looking at other offices and wearhouse space at this time. We are still up and running and nothing was damages in our spaces. The electrical and telcom equipment in the basement was damages and there is no power or phones in the building so we will move on. the disaster plane worked we were up and doing business in less than 6 hours in the temporary office.


Nov 01, 2007
Fire Caddy Sale
FirePak announces: a clearance sale on Fire Caddy.
We are overstocked in our Barstow, Houston and Seattle offices, with Gasoline FireCaddies. These are New Old Stock,. used only for displays at trade shows across the country, FO&GI is offering deep discounts on these units,  Pick up is ok and shipping is available,  Contact the Houston Office for details, Don't miss this one time clearance, FireCaddy and SpillCaddy.  After the devastation from the fires in Southern California, now is a good opportunity to plan ahead, design a defensible space and protect your property..  with a FireCaddy

July 20, 2007
National Marine Safety Committee,  National Register of Compliant Equipment list Pyrogen. After reviewing the Summer 2007 copy of "Reference Point"  the American Boat and Yacht Council's marine standards and technical journal, an article calling for  US manufactures to review the NRCE listing for inclusion in the Australia listing. A quick check of our records reveals Pyrogen has a five year approval and has been listed since March 2005. Another ground breaking listing by Pyrogen Australia, the world leader in the aerosol fire suppression industry.  A copy of the listing from the NMCC website is available on this link  PyroGen Fixed aerosol fire suppression system

June 25, 2007 Technologies Sdn. Bhd.
launches a new website.  To keep up with growing demand for information on our new Pyrogen EXA series aerosol generators, and our new "Impulse Powder" extinguishers. Now we offer both a "condensed" and a "dispersed" aerosol fire suppression system to our distributors. The Impulse Powder Modules were designed after the release of the NFPA2010 standard, and are in full compliance. They can use any approved powdered agent in our refillable bottles. Driven by demand and the need to get information to our customers faster in Asia, we have a new modern website powered by Micromeda Flash. The site has all the information on the new generators. Click the link to the left ot visit our new website.

June 24, 2007

EXA GeneratorsPyrogen begins another certification and listing process with ULI/ULCOur new EXA series of generators is currently under test and listing review at ULc. Headed by Chris Peh and Dr. J Berezovsky this test series should bring aerosols one step closer to a replacement for not just halon 1301, but all gaseous firefighting systems. The EXA generators were five years in development, these are another generation leap for fire suppression. The new generators feature higher installed temperatures, higher vibration tolerance with stainless steel housings these are perfect for the marine and yachting industries. 
The new Pyrogen EXA series hold a CSRIO_MIT Active Fire  afp1781

July6, 2006

The Australasian Fire Authorities Council (AFAC) Annual Conference. 
John Brooks,  Pres. of FirePak Oil and Gas Ind. (FO&GI) will join BioCentral Laboratories Ltd (BCL) at this years conference in Melbourne. The AFCA is Australasia’s pre-eminent annual emergency management forum and incorporates the annual Bushfire CRC Conference. This years focus will be on new technologies including BCL's new BlazeTamer poly acrylamide water additive. A dynamic research relationship between BCL and FO&GI goes back over 5 years working on wildland fire mitigation methods. The 2006 Conference will be jointly presented in Melbourne, Australia by AFAC and the International Fire Chiefs’ Association of Asia (IFCAA).
Its membership is drawn from agencies that have specialist skills in every operational setting and includes agencies operating in urban, rural and wild-land environments.

June 16, 2006
CnC Fire Systems signs with Pyrogen.  CnC Fire Systems has been added to the Pyrogen family as a distributor and installer in the manufacturing industry, specializing in fire mitigation on grinding and EDM machines. Located in southern california CnC Fire Systems brings 10 years of industry service and machine maintenance experience to the pyrogen knowledge base. Jeff Hill, President, was a field engineer with CnC grinding giant ANCA, before starting his own services company.  CnC Fire Systems will provide retrofit kits and system design, installation and maintenance services to the manufacturing and industrial sector in the southwest USA.   Centrally located in the at 285 East 2nd Street  Fond Du Lac Wisconsin 54935. PH 760 586 8579.  Have a CnC machine with a oil base coolant? call Jeff. More details at this link.
June 06, 2006
FirePak Oil and Gas Industries,  completes another successful NFPA conference. Orlando was a big success, This past year, after the completion of the NFPA2010 standard development,  has been spent consolidating the distributor network and providing installer training. Several new industrial application were introduced and well accepted at the conference.  Three new large distributors we signed  and a designated master distributor in South America was assigned.  We would like to thank everyone who stopped by the booth to say hello, and we look forward to seeing you next year  in Boston

April 10, 2005

Morrison Marketing Co., the leading west coast marine manufacturers representative has taken on the Pyrogen Marine systems as a product line. Known up and down the west coast from San Diego to Alaska's north slope as a resource and problem solver. Morrison has a excellent reputation in the industry. Have a marine question or want to know what the latest technology in batteries, communications or general maintenance for your yacht or small boat, morrison is place to call. 
Scott Morrison
Morrison Marketing Co.
16519 - 39th Ave. NE
Seattle, WA 98155
Phone: 206-367-3923
Cell: 206-915-8422
Fax: 206-367-4164
March 01, 2006
JarrettBay 70' Sport fishermanMTU chose a Jarrett Bay 70, to showcase their new 16V2000 2,400hp engines. The 70ft boat has a 20ft beam and carries 2,000 gallons of fuel. Cold molded construction and the Carolina flair provide a soft and fast ride in rough seas. A state of the art Pyrogen fire suppression system supplied by Engines1 division of Western Branch Diesel was chosen to provide the ultimate in protection. At 1/6th the space and weight of a gas system, Pyrogen helped the boat make it's performance goals. More details contact:   Harris Allen  800-548-6252

February 27, 2006
TDG AerospaceEcondido, CA - February 27, 2006 - TDG Aerospace, a global leader in aircraft safety solutions, has signed a cooperative agreement with American Airlines to integrate and certify the Universal Fault Interrupter (UFI 3000) on Boeing 737NG, 757 and 767 airplanes. Under the terms of the agreement, TDG and American will cooperatively support and market the product to other airlines worldwide. In addition, the UFI's comprehensive electrical fault protection provides the highest level of safety for the fuel boost pump electrical circuit. Certified as fully compliant with 14 CFR 25.981, Amendment 102, UFI technology will also provide a cost effective relief from pending FAA  AD's requiring (at a minimum) ground fault protection for the boost pump circuits.   Read more

February 06, 2006
Electrical activation using kinetic energy storage, "T-Start a new fire activation system requires no power". FO&GI is engineering company that considers modern technology as an art in practice. One of the directions company's activities has taken fire protection to a new level. The new device is an affordable high-tech design and an all new power supply. No POWER or BATTERIES required.  FO&GI  is specializing in installation and commission of any commercial fire protection systems, with focus on the new aerosol and powder suppressant systems.
This new innovative heat activated or manual suppressant release system is available in the USA from
FirePak Oil and Gas Industries.

January 11, 2006
TDG AerospaceTDG Aerospace, a global leader in aircraft safety has received supplemental type certification (STC ST01844LA) for
its Universal Fault Interrupter (UFI 3000). Providing comprehensive protection for the fuel pump and pump electrical power feed systems. This proprietary and patent pending UFI technology developed by TDG is the first electrical protection device of its kind to comply with 14 CFR Part 25.981 amendment 25-102. Traditional ground fault interrupter (GFI)  and arc fault circuit breaker (AFCB) detects line-to-ground faults but will not protect the fuel pump system from line-to-line faults or missing phases, both of which have been identified by the FAA as potentially dangerous ignition sources. In addition to fault protection, the UFI features TDG's patent pending auto shutoff capability. More information at

January 10, 2006
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Division of Manufacturing and Infrastructure Technology (CSIRO-MIT).  Formally Scientific Services Laboratory (SSL) has completed there evaluation and listing review of  Pyrogen's new EXA aerosol generators. Activefire has issued their listing  afp1781  for  Pyrogen's "EXA Series, pyrotechnically generated aerosol fixed fire suppression system"  Under this new listing, valid through October 2007,. new aerosol system comply with AS/NZS 4487.1997, AS/NZS 1851.16 1997, CEN prEN15276-1 (2004-10), CEN prEN15276-2 (2004-10) and  NFPA 2010. Cumulating after years of development by the Pyrogen Technologies chemist and combustion scientist. The listing is the first step in a series of listing test and certifications planned for 2006.

January 06, 2006