Pyrogen - the world’s first commercially available Aerosol Fire Extinguishing System
teamed with metal storm inventing new methods of fire suppression
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Fire Caddy and Spill Caddy US authorized agent

Firepak Oil and Gas Industries L.L.C.

Pyrogen Master Distributor for the Americas
Interested in being a Pyrogen Distributor? Download the application at the link at the bottom of this page. Inquires will be considered on your company capabilities and desired market sector

Houston Headquarters
7211 Regency Square Blvd. Suite 201

Houston, Texas 77036 

713 952 1996 
713 952 1997 
POC    David Brooks 


North West Regional Office
2211 Conniston Way
Oak Harbor, Wa 98277 
P 360 941 2358 
POC    John Brooks


To find a local pyrogen representative or installed near you  click here

Representatives of the  Pyrogen Sdn. Bhd., a Malaysian Corporation, with offices in Austral-Asia,  the Far East, Middle East & Europe. Firepak Oil and Gas Industries (FO&GI) distributes and technically supports a distribution network operating in 19 Countries throughout North and South America. Firepak Oil and Gas Industries (FO&GI) are the exclusive supplier of Pyrogen Mag Series Aerosol fire Suppression Systems, General Fire & Safety Equipment and  associated equipment and systems. Click the below brochure to find out more



Firepak (FO&GI) employs fully competent and technically qualified  personnel of the highest level, based out of our US and Export  Support and Distribution Center in Houston. We provide Training and Accreditation for our authorized distributors and installers. Firepak (FO&GI) certifies installation crews and provides commissioning of Pyrogen systems. Established in the United States in 2001, (FO&GI) has rapidly expanded and with the ever increasing need to support our technically demanding distributor and installer base.

Firepak Oil and Gas Industries operates to the very highest levels of Quality Control and Assurance.

Firepak Oil and Gas Industries L.L.C. (FO&GI) provides design services and inventory for our network of PyroGen distributors and installers through out the western hemisphere. We are located in the center of the oil patch in Houston Texas. We also maintain offices in Seattle and Washington DC.  We are have accredited installers and distributors through out North and South America.  Providing the americas with the next generation of technology in fire protection.

Installation & Engineering
System Inspection and Commissioning
Installer Training and Accreditation
System Design



Systems available for:
Electrical Power Distribution
Cogeneration plants
Electrical generation
Computer Servers
Mining Drags and Shovels
Logging Harvesters and Skidders
Dozers and Scrapers
Motor Transport
Marine Systems
Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) yes, we did the first military robots  Gladiator TUGV and   (MDARS)

Worldwide Distributor inquires?: download this questionnaire, after completing the linked form email or fax it to  the Houston Headquarters. We will review your application and notify you shortly

We have three levels of Pyrogen Distribution.  National Distributor, or by Region or Industry and Systems Installers. All are trained and accredited for each level of assigned responsibility.

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