Pyrogen Technologies Sdn Bhd,  An ISO 9001:2000 Company
Condensed Aerosol Fire suppression systems 

ISO 9000-2000

Fire Protection for the Ground Transportation Industry

Our New Pyrogen Alarm and Control Panel
Multi-zoned automatic and manual release panel.
This panel is for the monitoring and controlling of pyrogen fire extinguishing systems. The system is built to fit in to standard dashboards & instrument panels. The panel is designed to monitor various sensors and activate outputs to control fire extinguishers in the event of a fire being detected. The system monitors the inputs both to detect actual alarm or fire situations, and to check for faults in the system itself. There is also a comprehensive test mode that can be used both during production, installation and servicing of the system. Contact FO&GI  fro more information

SP-1  PyroSense Controller

This panel is for the monitoring and controlling of Pyrogen fire extinguishing systems in  vehicles. The system is build to fit in to standard dashboards & instrument panels. The SP-1 PyroSense system is designed to monitor various sensors and activate outputs to control a Pyrogen fire extinguisher/s in the event of a fire being detected.

Fixed Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems, FO&GI designs tailored systems for executive armored passenger vehicles

Motor Coaches and  Buses

Here is a typical installation of a Motor Coach undergoing test in November 2000. PyroGen generators proved most effective in extinguishing both pool and spray fuel fires in the engine and surrounding areas. Installations have begun click here for details

click this photo for a large 200K view of the post fire engine compartment

Read about Highway applications:
By Dr. Julia Berezovsky

Mining equipment, open pit and hard rock. Diesel or Electric power we have a system to fit. see what Mining Review Africa, The premier information source in the industry has to say about pyrogen  Compliant with the new NFPA2010 Aerosol Extinguishing Technology standard,

Click here for a list of installations
Recreational Vehicles (RV's)
Sport utility Vehicles (SUV's)

Heavy and light Truck fleets
Trailers and Shipping Container

 Railway applications:
Freight Cars
Dinning cars
Power generators

Construction equipment



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