CnC aerosol fire protection systems 
Your CnC machines can now be equipped with the latest and most cost effective fire suppression system available today
NFPA 2010 Aerosol technology
Development Test photos
Candle seen here on the turning center for an ignition source.  Time - 05 sec
Click for larger photos
Gasoline from the coolant pump  sprayed across the cabinet
FIRE ON  T+0 sec
Entire cabinet enclosure is filled with flames seen at T+3 sec  NICE FIRE.   Much larger than will be seen in a oil coolant or mist fire
Heat detector senses the fire and activates the system without any built in delay.
Two detection systems are used.

1. Linear heat detection wire (Protectowire) in the mist extractor ducts and chip tray extractor.

2. Spot heat detector in the turning center cabinet
Photo to the left is T +5 seconds after FIRE ON. The cabinet, and vent ducts are filled with Pyrogen Aerosol.  Flames are extinguished.

Interior florescent lights can be seen illuminating the Pyrogen Aerosol inside. The agent is seen  leakage from the door

FirePak Pyrogen CnC systems can be tailored for your machines. We offer four different control systems,  from fully automatic agent discharge and shutdown to manual discharge with automatic detection. We offer spot heat detection and linear heat detection wire systems to fit your individual needs. We have retrofit kits for almost every grinding and turning application. Installed in four to six hours to reduce machine down time. Simple design often allows external installation and wiring to be done while the machine is still in production. We specilize in CnC Grinding and EDM machines for the tool making Industry.
Our OEM systems provides CnC machine manufacturers and distributors turn key kits. These are installed prior to delivery and provide complete protection for new equipment.  We offer complete detection systems for coolant, mist and chip extractors, as well as the machine cabinet and tool storage. Safety interlocks allow the system to alarm even with the door open or while loading or changing tooling, with manual discharge by the operator. We also offer a discharge time delay after alarm from 5 - 30 seconds if desired.  We use real fire detection systems equipment, not a plastic tube.

Pyrogen Aerosol is non toxic, it has no post combustion by-products like the HFC agents, and no thermal shock caused by CO2 flooding systems. Pyrogen chemically inhibits combustion and does not decompose when exposed to a flame too high heat.  Hydrofluoric acid formed by other cheaper systems can do more damage than the fire itself. The corrosive properties of UHF are well known, and often do more damage than just the tolerances changes and warping of cold shock caused by CO2.

Systems available for micro grinders 0.2 cubic meters to large ganged machines up to 75 cubic meters.  Hundreds of systems in service now, why are you waiting?

Complete systems and installation kits available starting from around $1500.00 for a micro grinder kit  to $20,000 for a advanced integrated palletized systems. . At this price you can not afford not to "Protect your Equipment."

Contact FirePak or  CnC Fire Systems for an complete turn Key installed price..

Or call FirePak today for an estimate

Download a copy of the CnC Machine Layout Drawing and installation guide
Download the MiroSence II manual here The complete solution for grinders, and other hi-hazard machines 






The Above test performed at Wright Machine Tool Co. Inc.
365 Palmer Ave. Cottage Grove Oregon, USA

We regret to announce

Jim Wright Owner of Wright Machine tools was killed the in a crash of his Hughes H-1 Racer in the Midway Geyser Basin area of Yellowstone National Park, returning from Oshkosh Fly in. He accomplished what many of us would like to do and took us along for the ride. The H-1  may have been only a single seater but many of us imagined ourselves in that cockpit." Jim Wright, 53, of Cottage Grove, Ore., was determined to construct a replica of the sleek H-1 Racer, which Howard Hughes designed in the '30s to be the world's fastest based plane. In 2002, the new H-1 piloted by Mr. Wright set a world speed record for the airplane's category. He was farsighted, accomplished, innovative and will be missed by all.
Thanks Jim for all you have done for the Pyrogen Corp.
NTSB accident investigation is on complete

Pyrogen unit c/w elbow unit and multi.-zone MicroSense control unit seen on a Rollomatic machine.
Pyrogen Unit, Detector Junction Box, PyroSense II control unit  (foreground) c/w sounder/beacon and Pyrogen warning sign.
Pyrogen unit with elbow unit & spigot and Fenwall heat detector probe



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