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Pyrogen Manufacturing Sdn Bhd. ,  An ISO 9001:2008 Company
Condensed Aerosol Fire suppression systems approved and listed by

ISO 9000-2000

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Engine rooms, Machinery spaces, Cargo holds  Power boats, Super Yachts  Sail boats, Barges and Tow boats. Charging and filling systems for diving tanks and even UWV's and control shelters. Full line of marine services and products. Complete fixed systems delivered as a Kit. OEM or dealer installed. Affordable fire marine suppression systems.
FirePak is seeking USA Marine Systems installers and distributors, Know of a good boat yard?    contact us

Cars, Trucks, Trailers, RV's, Emergency vehicles Railways, Armoured vehicles and transporters, Head of state and embassy security vheicles.   Shipping containers, Construction equipment, Timber Harvesters ,loaders and Mining drags, Road Paving Equipment, RV's Motor Coaches and Busses.
Autonomous Operations Robotics and UGV's TUGV systems and control shelters. 
CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATIONPower Distribution and Generation:
Electrical Sub stations, Cogeneration Gas Turbine plants power cabinets, Transformer rooms. Wind Turbine Generators  and Towers. Computers and Server Farms, Back up Power Supplies and UPS's, ISP's Data centers, Internet Hotels / Motels,
Deep Mining operations
Attics, Garages, Paint lockers, Machinery and Computer rooms, Warehouses, CnC grinding and turning machines,  Offices. Emergency / Temporary replacement for "out of service systems", Isolated or remote locations. Temporary storage and Construction offices & Shipping containers Pre Positioned or Military Mobile Base Containers and Field kits.
  New Fire Caddy Portable pump for Residential and Rural WILD FIRE applications

 Aviation applications:   Commercial airliner water mist research,  General aviation and Helicopters, Cargo bays, Hazmat Cargo Containers, ground support equipment, maintenance shops. Fire Protection Laboratory and FAR 45.853 testing Fireproof airliner cabin research. UAV's and control shelters

Drilling Companies and Rig Operators. Pump rooms, Machinery spaces, electrical cabinets, cogeneration and electrical distribution systems. Petrochemical and pipeline systems. Local flooding with or without monitor and control systems.

International Standards
World-wide Approvals, listings  and  links to the NEW NFPA 2010 Standard, Fixed Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Systems,  Test Reports.


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Click here for more FIRE CADDY INFORMATION Fire CaddyTM is a portable water and FlameOut system. Designed for the home owner as a Residential/Rural system, to be used with Swimming pools, or Streams and Lakes, around any water source, Fire caddy can buy you the extra time you need  to protect you property from wild land fires.  Environmentally friendly FlameOut makes it perfect for Marinas and Boat Docks.  Successful used in the Alberta, BC and California wildfires. As seen on ABC Night Line and Canada Now. 
Anywhere there is a THREAT OF FIRE, You need FIRE CADDY
Click HERE to learn more about SPILL CADDYSpill CaddyTM our newest innovation. Designed to meet 40CFR 112 for  oil spill prevention, control and countermeasures (SPCC) plans. No spill to large for Spill Caddy and Micro-Blaze . Learn more and avoid fines. The ideal companion unit for the Fire CaddyTM
Spill caddy is not for firefighting use

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International Aircraft Systems Fire Protection Working Group

  Here is a Power Point slide show on PyroGen 

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