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Our ALL NEW multi-zone Alarm Panel from Australia

Our SP-1  PyroSense Controller Manual

Simplified wiring drawing for the Pleasure Craft kit installation

See what The Boating News has to say about Pyrogen Marine Systems  September 15, 2003

This panel is for the monitoring and controlling of Pyrogen fire extinguishing systems in pleasure craft, small fishing vessels and vehicles. The system is now installed on RNLI life boats and USCG rescue boats in the North East. The system is build to fit in to standard dashboards & instrument panels. The SP-1 PyroSense system is designed to monitor various sensors and activate outputs to control a Pyrogen fire extinguisher/s in the event of a fire being detected.

SP-1 Control panel

The SP-1 PyroSense system continually monitors its inputs and reacts to changes in the inputs by applying a series of rules. Once a rule is activated, it will make changes to the outputs, which will active until the “Reset” button is pressed, or until the rule is superseded by a higher priority rule. In the event of multiple rules being triggered, the more critical rules will apply.  The system monitors the inputs both to detect actual alarm or fire situations, and to check for faults in the system itself. It is able to detect faults such as short-circuits or breaks in the sensor cables, and faults in the LEDs on the panel. There is also a comprehensive test mode that can be used both during production, installation and servicing of the system. The panel components are based around a low-power microcontroller, which controls the system. Much of the functionality (such as the analogue-to-digital converter) is built into the microcontroller, so it spends most of the time in low-power “sleep” mode. This results in very low power consumption for the panel, which is important when the system is running from batteries.

SP-1 users manual and detailed installation procedures

Product brochure available for download

Complete kitsComplete installation kits, these kits contain everything required to install a Pyrogen marine system. The software is contained within the microcontroller’s flash memory, and can be updated using a programming adapter. This means that the controller's software can be changed, if need be, with very little effort.  Installation Working Examples

Marine Applications include:

Pleasure craft to Large Vessels
Pyrogen requires no pressurizes bottles or plumbing.
Pyrogen systems can be re-serviced at sea  by onboard engineering personnel. After use, with onboard spares, expended pyrogen canisters, can be replaced  without pulling into port.  Avoiding costly unscheduled port calls. World wide distribution network insures spare replacements available in your next port of call. Current installation list, click here.
American Board of Shipping (ABS) listing. The listing for Cargo vessels under 500 tons and work boats, pleasure craft and fishing vessels up to 24 meters LOA. This important certification will allow installations in the USA and other ABS listed vessels
The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) is satisfied that the Pyrogen, Pyrotechnically  Generated Fire Extinguishing Aerosol System, has successfully completed testing in accordance with the Small Boat Machinery Small Testing Protocol.

Power Boats and Yachts..

Download a copy of the SP-1 Manual 

   Pyrogen's new pre engineered marine suppression for power boats and leisure craft.

More photos of the new SP-1 Here


Sail Boats


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